Here I performed my song “I Believe In You” at the Monterey County Composers Forum (MCCF) concert on 10/26/14 in Carmel, CA.  This video also aired on CreaTV San Jose public television. 

The Monterey County Composers Forum (MCCF) created a “Best Of” CD album, “The Best of the Monterey County Composers’ Forum 2000-2013.” The selection committee chose my song, “The Dawn,” which I had performed at a MCCF concert, to be included on this CD. The recording on this CD was of the live performance. Sometime later YouTube posted this CD as a video, and here is “The Dawn.“  


We are a group of voice students who take lessons from Mr. Dang. This was our 2014 annual performance in September 2014. I sang  " 江河万古流 , " a Chinese folk song, with a Chinese title that translates into English as "Forever and Endlessly Flow on the Rivers," or "Eternal Flow of the Rivers."  In the beginning the piano and my voice do not sync up correctly, but about 30 seconds into the song we are back on track.  


Led by Robin McKee Williams, the Hartnell Community Choir performed several pieces, including one song that I wrote, "My Friend." The choir and I performed this song together according to an arrangement for 4 voices that I prepared with the help of Stephen Foglia. I played piano while singing with the choir.  


In 2012, I composed “The Dawn,” which is featured as the soundtrack to this video, “World of Gaho,” which showcases art by the Japanese artist Gaho, currently available at Iwasawa Oriental Art gallery in Los Gatos, CA (  This video includes much natural scenery from Japan.