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  1. Nocturne

From the recording Nocturne

This song is often seen as my best work, because I have bee told it holds a truthful sadness that is close to the human soul.  This was the first song that I wrote after leaving high school for college at UC Santa Barbara.  This is significant because, until then, I had been taking lessons playing Chopin's music, and this has a similar style.  As far as the song goes, I had taken a walk on the beach with a girl that I wanted to date and she had told me she didn't like me.  Two days later I was studying in the library, overlooking the university and beach from the top floor.  Suddenly this song came to me.  I immediately knew I had to find a piano.  I rode my bicycle to the music building, found an open practice room and played it until I had established a theme, and repeated it until i was sure I could not forget it.  I played it at our dormitory's talent show that year and won.  (Featured on The Voice Within album)