My Thank-You's and Ackowledgements

There are so many people to thank in my personal life since I started composing music, I begin to realize that both music and friendships have woven the fabric of my life.  I would like to thank the Mandell family for encouraging me early on, including my high school friend Jeff Mandell. I would like to thank all of my friends from Fontainebleau, including Mike Blaziek and Kira Short, and all of my friends from UCSB, especially Bill Grandi.  I would like to thank my friends from Washington, and all of my friends from Yale, including Dug Popovich and Sang H. Wu and Larry Rogero and Roger, whose last name I do not remember.  I would like to thank my friends from Santa Cruz, especially Michelle Roti (now in San Diego) and Joy Chhour.  Many thanks to my friends from Monterey County, including Tom Simpson and Tom Richardson (now in Bakersfield) and Steve Ettinger, and Elie and Floyd Bolton. I would like to thank my friends from Los Angeles, including Abby Aguilera, and Rebecca Utay in TX.  I would like to thank my other Bay Area friends, including Mike Engelman (now in Nashville), Michael Ingram and Debora Cohen, and many thanks to Michelle Handley in Fresno.  I would like to thank Katherina Tran. I would also like to thank my family and my father, who required me to play piano when I was too young to like or appreciate it, until I grew to an age where I found it to be such an important part of who I came to be.  I would also like to thank people who I know I must have forgotten but who liked my music so much.  I would also like to thank all those anonymous individuals who encouraged me as they listened and passed by.  I can never say enough thanks, but I have to end here for now By thanking G-d above, whom I believe Has helped me always.  

Professionally I have several people to thank as well. When I was a small boy I took lessons from Mrs. Rettig and Mrs. Lincoln, both of whom I thank. When I was older I took lessons from Mr. Correia, to whom I am deeply indebted with the highest gratitude. in the world of voice lessons, I would like to thank Alise Richel of los angeles, and most recently Mr. Weiguang Dang of Fremont.  In the world of jazz piano and theory lessons I thank Stephen Foglia.  In the world of recording and production I thank Terry Carleton, Stephen Foglia, Michael Engelman, Steve Glaze, and Wendy DeWitt, all of whom have helped me learn and grow.  

In the world of documentary production, I would like to thank Bill Lorton for his advice.  I would like to thank Stephen Flores, the producer of Inimitable Television on the CreaTV San Jose Public Television Network, for airing my documentaries and music video.  

I would like to thank Ms. Kumiko Iwasawa Vadas of Los Gatos, who asked me to write a piece for the background to her store's video about the artist gaho.  

In the world of performance, I would like to thank steve ettinger, founder of the monterey county composers forum, for creating and running this forum.  I have played at many of its performances.  I would like to thank Mr. Weiguang Dang for his classes on vocal performance (separate from voice lessons).  I would like to thank Georgia Yang, my duet partner for "All I Ask of You.."  I would like to thank Arminta Jensen, my duet partner for "Tonight, Tonight." I would like to thank Robin McKee Williams, Director of the Hartnell Community Choir, for having her choir sing a 4-voice arrangement of a song I wrote entitled "My Friend" (see videos page).  I would like to most recently thank my friend Jim Hampton for booking events for us to play together.