I was born a Sagittarius. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the first of two brothers in a four-person family. My father required me to play piano starting at age 5. I took lessons through age 18, most notably under the tutelage of Mr. Edmund Correia -- whom I knew as Ed -- a virtuoso pianist with capabilities among the top in the world. 

When I left home for college at The University of California Santa Barbara, I double-majored in Environmental Studies and English Literature. I composed Nocturne and Santa Barbara Song while at UCSB. After working for two years after college, I attended Yale University for graduate studies in ecology at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. There I joined the a cappella singing group "The Loggerhythms".  I composed Hope and Jeanette’s Theme while at Yale.  

Later, I was inspired by the difficulty of work as a teacher to write Desert Sands. I was inspired by traveling to write Fallen Soldier. I was inspired by my involvement in personal yoga classes, and by a friend in need, to write Sleep Theme. I was inspired by personal happiness and by a friend to write The Voice Within. I was inspired by the movie Dances with Wolves to write Voyage. I was inspired by Japanese art to write The Dawn. 

Separate from and unrelated to music, I own and operate an insurance and financial services agency, which is my principal occupation.  In prior years I worked for 7 years as a high school science and math teacher, before that as an environmental consultant, and--for a short time--at Internet companies during the dotcom boom.  I currently live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

My favorite composer was Chopin, and without doubt he had the greatest influence on me. The first song I wrote was Nocturne, in my second year of college, and it was just after my lessons in high school, when I had practiced Chopin a great deal under Mr. Edmund Correia.  


Since then I have grown. I am influenced by nature, by love, by travels, history, by seeing other forms of art -- including films -- and by witnessing the humanity of people. 

I am influenced by my own life, as well. My own emotional journey has inspired my compositions. 

In 2005 I joined the Monterey County Composers Forum, founded and led by Steven Ettinger. I am still a part of MCCF today.  Upon Steven's advice I began voice lessons. I had two voice coaches; taught from 2005-2008 by Mrs. Elise Richel Adler, and from 2009-2019 by Mr. Weiguang Dang.  I studied jazz piano from 2011-2014 with Mr. Stephen Foglia.  

While not currently learning from any piano or voice coach, I continue to play piano and sing vocally. 

I am passionate about the environment and conservation, and whenever I can, I spend time outdoors. 

I have lived in San Jose, Capitola, in Monterey County, in Santa Barbara, in and Los Angeles (all in CA); in Richland and in Sequim (both in WA); and in New Haven and East Haven (both in CT). I have traveled to Alaska, Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Fiji, France, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Kauai (Hawaii), and The Solomon Islands. I have driven across the United States twice. I spent a summer during college in Belize with the School for Field Studies, living and working in the rainforest. I spent another several summer weeks during 2007 in the Solomon Islands as a volunteer teaching coral reef management.